Contradictory injunctions #3 : the slut paradox

Here is the translation of a chronic for a paper magazine coming out every 2 months in Montpellier area in France, Le Tafeur, this one came out the 27th of June. 




If there is a domain where contradictory injunctions are plenty although they should not be (here is first), it is our sex life. More than ever, we get encouraged, or should I say harassed to blossom, to sweat happiness from every part of our skin and it is necessarily coming from a crazy sex life.

Crazy indeed, I insist, because if you are perfectly happy fucking in missionary position once a month with always the same partner, you will be labelled as very boring person, no matter your gender or sexuality.

With some differences, mind you. Women cannot really get rid of this famous “slut paradox” (so the title), encouraging them all together to lose their virginity as soon as possible, to have multiple partners and consent multiple practices (you are old enough so I will not extrapolate), to be experimented. While on the other side they must understand than after a certain number of partners (that no one ever specifies, how convenient), they are worth nothing anymore.

But men also are in trouble, they should also have as much possible partners (preferably female ones), with the performance obsession (harder, better, stronger) coming from porn standards, a more or less latent fear of homosexuality. Cause of course, as a man, admiring another man beauty is just impossible.

But all this is not that contradictory actually, because as a man you can still sort it all out quite easily if you respect the Game rules, no matter how hard and discriminatory they may be. While a woman will always lose not matter what. She would refuse sex and be labelled prude or frigid, which is of course as much appreciated as being called a slut if you enjoy it (sex, follow please).

With all this pressure on our little shoulders, how possible is it to actually practice this amazing sex about which we hear all the time how essential it is to our earthly life? Among all contradictory injunctions about it, it is probably the most unfair of all.

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