“I stand for CEU”: the bubble bursting

“A CEUval vagyok”

Since days, almost weeks, my Facebook flux is whispering these words over and over. Whispering or rather shooting them. But what is happening is terrible, I will not explain this from the beginning, plenty already did and did it well here, here, here, here. Or here. No matter what, this is a hot topic for me, this is why I wanted to talk about it here.

I was living in Hungary, in Budapest for 3 years. This town, this country, the people that live there, no matter where they are from by the way, had deeply imprinted me. It was not without regrets or either second thoughts that I decided to leave. Second thoughts that are still from time to time coming back to torture me, especially in dull moments, these moments when you wonder why are you here today, how and why again, what if things had been different? We can ask ourselves these questions ad nauseam and it is most of the time better not to do it.


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Mind you. Budapest and Hungary were my home during these 3 years, I made boundaries that will never break, no matter how stretch they can become. I cannot do anything about it, I am bounded to this place, I left there an enormous part of myself. This is why what is happening there is touching me so much, almost as much as what is happening in France, my birth country. I understand thanks to that we do not have only one home, we can have many, following the digging work we do sometimes even without noticing.

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