Lost in translation

Hey guys, welcome on my English version blog!

This last 22nd of March, my blog turned one year old. And I have been reading enough blog in my life to notice that it is usually a good occasion to write a post about it, while given a topic, how useful! Anyhow, as the New Year’s Eve also gave me the perfect occasion to think about the future as much as about the past, I decided to take this occasion, a nice one by the way!


Since last year that this blog exists, 13 articles were published, on a rather irregular way, 5 articles in almost 4 months, and then 8 since January, when I decided to try to publish every week about every subject able to catch and maintain my attention for enough time to create an article about it. I have to say it worked rather well, and now than the habit is more or less taken and the inspiration muscular enough, I decided to take on a brand new challenge: writing in French then translating the article in English the next day.

I have been thinking about it since quite a while, as most of my friends now are not French speakers and I was still feeling rather sad to know that they could not read me. And how to find a better occasion for this new resolution than the blog first year anniversary?

I have been thinking quite a lot about it actually, wondering what would be the best way to proceed. Should I start translating my previous articles first or keep with the new ones in order not to lose the publication rhythm? There is no perfect solution, so I will try to find a third way. Here is how it will work : I will every Sunday publish the English translation of my French article from the day before and trying to publish, rather randomly I am afraid, some translations from the previous articles, depending I guess more on motivation and time left for it, on random days and at random time. Hopefully by next blog anniversary I will have catch back!

It is also the first time that I will really try myself in English, it will not be perfect, and it will probably be full of mistakes. It is something new and I do hope that it will teach me a lot!

Regularity is here the key, I have to prevent than this blog actually doesn’t really have what we so-called in Journalism an « editorial line », as I received this advice a lot lately. I decided a while ago that this type of blogging was not my thing, at least for now. Regularity of writing is for now my biggest challenge so I will not refuse any subject given to my curiosity because it is not coming in that unfortunately too close blank that I would myself force me in. I know that it might not be very smart for that matter, and that treating about, let’s say, travelling, life abroad, Hungary, Portugal, lifestyle… would be probably more appealing to a lot of readers but every time I tried to force myself into a single topic, no matter how wide it could have been, I never managed to hold on it. I want to experiment, to please myself and to discover. I want to believe that everything is adaptable and that my articles will be able to found their own readers, even if these ones may not have been interested by the previous one and may not be by the following. I want to believe that everybody would be able to make their own honey out of their favorite flowers.

If an editorial line would show up, I know that I will recognize it, and that I will be able to readjust the blog thanks to it. In the meantime, the most important will be this engagement of one article a week and this translation, in order to be able to keep spreading myself over as various interests possible.

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