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(This article will be filled with pictures having absolutely nothing to do with each other whatsoever) 

September has arrived, and it was for a really long while the real beginning for the year for everyone, even more than the first of January actually, because of school starting again. Funny how I still do feel this little heart pinch at the end of August every year, even if I am working since quite a while and basically all this summer.

But this heart pinch is really here, the same one you feel when something is getting to end and you don’t really know what will happen next. A bit like at the end of December when you think about what you learned the past year, but without the feasts and parties. At the beginning of September you don’t really have the mind to party and it is a shame, it would help to swallow the pill.

September is here so, with this feeling of new and this article is actually the number 50 on this blog. It is a lot! When I opened it last year I would never had imagine I would reach this point so fast!

So it is actually the right moment to slow down a bit. I don’t really want to because I really loved to write and translate every week this way, even when it was hard and I would have frankly preferred to do something else. I managed to rest a bit by adding a web review every two weeks but it turns out it is not freeing that much space in my head anymore. Although I loved really much doing it too!

For the first time in many years, mind you, this September heart pinch I mentioned makes sense because I am actually going back to school! Yes. And it will be a lot of work, the prep work I am on right now is already taking me a lot of time and my brain is craving for a rest I cannot really let it take for now.

In order to manage better though, I am trying to cut screen work as much as possible, at least for out of work, the one that feed me and allow me to pay for my rent, and prep work times for my future studies, which doesn’t let so much of it. Neurotic behaviors and bad habits such as FOMO or infobesity also need to be contain better than before, in order not to get crazy. You may agree that it is difficult with such an idea to keep on web reviews, because as a social networks and info addict, I need to wean myself of these. So, end of it.

It is a wean then, I am trying to minimize screen distractions as much as I can, I need to stop reading how bad is the world going and to click the “Interested” button on Facebook even though I know I will not attend the event. Since I am trying to do it, I actually already see how lighter my mind is becoming but, as Jaime Lannister probably thought before sinking into the river he was walking in a second before getting almost roasted, we need to go deeper.


(Even deeper)

Let’s be clear on some point though. I am not shutting down the blog. Just this rhythm is starting to get to hard to pursue. It is a shame because I still have entire pages full of future articles ideas. Hopefully for later! That’s life.

These next months will be super intense and determine my future. Will Lisbon keep working for me? What do we actually mean when we say that something “didn’t work”? That is was not worth it? That it would have been better not to try at all? That all that doesn’t last a lifetime or that we changed our minds about would be senseless or a loss of time? I hope not!

So folks, here I am now. I want to keep going on but more slowly for now, because I don’t actually have much of a choice. Maybe it will continue on the same way, maybe on a different but I do hope it will keep being constructive and fun!


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